Monday, April 21, 2008

We Rescue Goin' Home and Place 4 Caches

This weekend marks our first placement of caches that we considered 'worthy' of us. It involved two trips, one up the West Harrison FSR in search of TJGuy98's 6 new caches of which we got 5, lol because Kris didn't double check they all loaded before leaving. Luckily Mark came through in a pinch and Jordy called him. Even though he's complutely a geocache newby - he rocked!

We started out our trip at
Horse Thorns, and picked up Goin' Home - unfortunately George (The Tic-Tac-Toe) ended up being sacrficed. We didn't have the coin we had planned on dropping with us. On the way there - the Werewolf Roosters were out and trying to attack us - luckily there was a gate between us.

After there we placed two caches before heading out to West Harrison - one was for "A Cache of Cache's" - the second "Let's Try Again". We ended up at a Cache of Cache's the night before - all due to a miscalculation - but so happy we did - it's an amazing little place.

Cool is all we can say about it - so thank you the gods of fate for directing us here.

We then proceded to head up the Harrison West FSR in search of a few new caches, which we managed to get 5 out of the 6 (a bit of a technology glitch). We first headed up to see what the status of Look Out for that Well was - still a bit too much snow to do the 1.2 KM hike up the 1000 foot elevation. Hoping to come back in a few weeks to try to master it, and hoping no one that goes up there claims it - we want to rescue Jingle Bell!!!

Ran into a few people who I won't call names but were upset because they had gone beyond the gate and got yelled at by the person down there. No reply needed, Grabbed the 5 new caches and made our way out to Walian Creek FSR to a quick remembery of our FTF Which Way Now - and placed our best cache yet!! "A Way to Which Way Now".

We know it won't see a ton of action, but it's one of those that i think truly resembles Geocaching at it's finest - highlight something you might never see otherwise, and you have to work to get it!
Jordy remembered all those cross ditches on the way there, so thankfully we didn't hit anything too hard, Gareth and Chandler were with us as well and loved spending the day with their dad that way.

We then turn around and headed back down, claiming the remainder of the caches and tried to get a specific one for #250 - Morris Valley View - unfortunately the road we tried didn't lead there - but did lead to placement of cache #4 "Weave a View" - The road there can be reached via the Weaver lake campground or from down below - and is another amazing place.

We wanted to try the other route, however the boys were tired and wanted to get back to civilization.. so we gave in and will have to wait for another day for that one. But as anyone who knows us - that will be a side trip - first priority will be Look out for that Well!


Eddie said...

Hey guys, great looking blog! Good use of the slide show using Picasso and the embedded videos through YouTube.

Put me on your list amd let me know when you post a new entry!

Eddie AKA tjguy98

GEO*Trailblazer 1 said...

Great site!
Just a tour by your local Waymark approver.

GEO*Trailblazer 1