Friday, May 9, 2008

Twin Twisters, Two Turtles and Tulameen Time!

May 2 - 4, 2008
A trip to Tulameen with Just the Girls and Us
Slide Show for the Weekend!
It was an amazing weekend full of getting 6 caches and placing 4 new ones, I still have to finish putting the cache pages together and submitting them. Now that we've gotten to add creativity to them they take a bit longer to put together - but in the end so much better in appearance. I'm catching up on my html coding again, amazing how quick you can pick it up again.
We picked up the girls from their mom's on Friday night, and headed up to the cabin grabbing 2 quick caches in Hope to break the monontony and then continued in our new route. Take the Coquihalla - With our new route you can take the Brookemere exit, then head East on the Kane Road til you hook up to the Voght Valley Road then turn right. If you take this route you'll be able to grab a couple of caches, and there is no 4x4 needed, the Civic could have gotten us there. (And yes we placed one at Kris's alien tree)

The route will take you up past Davis, Shea, Boss and Thalia Lakes which offer you some great fishing, camping and all out relaxation time with the ability to hook up with good old mother nature. We drove past here at about 10 and here amazed at the total amount of campers in there already for this time of year. Sure that it's only a sign of the summer to come, since we've been cooped up all winter long and still getting snow at the higher elevations.

The cabin was a welcome sight for sore eyes, as it's been a few weeks - and it was so nice not to have to worry about frozen pipes, or freezing this time around! And the weather for the weekend - could not have been better. Jordy got me a hammock for my birthday, set it up on my back deck and let me just lounge in it on Sunday - he he was so nice to lay there in the sunshine and be treated like a princess.

On Saturday we took advantage of the weather, and took the girls and burb out for a few hours to explore Headley, grab a few easy caches, place one and try for some higher elevation 4x4 caches - we had baited breath would we finally be able to claim some good ones ...

First we ventured up to the cabin above cook creek to place our first "Let's Shack Up" Cache- Jordy has driven past this off and on his entire life and never stopped til Kris came in the picture. She has a love of old cabins (Waymarking is going to love her this summer) and when he took her up there she got out and he saw just how amazing this one used to be. The love and history here, the quality of how it was built for it's time. It had an enclosed porch and you can feel the good energy coming out of it. We had go place a cache here to honor it, we're hoping when the people come up for this cache that they'll take the time to really appreciate it.

We headed first down the Coalmont Road, and were wondering if that little side road we'd had our eye on all winter just might lead to the Twin as the Bridges Cache being that we had the Twin Twisters with us thought it was fitting. Jordy had the right idea and we worked our way down to the the tunnel that is down there and got to walk right up to the cache. Quite a fun little diversion on our way to Hedley. Jordy was so excited that his idea worked! of course when we got back and looked at the cache page turns out that the coordinates for our trail were right on there.. lol

Just how big is that tunnel! We realized as you put it in perspective, this was only built in 1949 - how times change so quickly - that's the year Kris's mom was born. Take a look at the pictures in the slide show for more on this area. Kris was very excited to capture a very need photo though, she's been working on her macro photography on the side.

The fascination with just little drops of water and how they truly are tied to the chaos theory in quantum physics has always mesmerized her. (Think Jurasic Park) Water is so very necessary to life, and is so fluid and mobile, yet strong enough to cut through canyons. Heat can evaporate it, but can also cause it to exist and it's made out of Oxygen the very essense any living creature requires in one form or another - but that's getting off track again.

We claimed the cache! and then headed for Headly, grabbing a few more caches and took the girls to the Hedley Nickle Plate Mine - a very neat place and we made a friend - a Hoary Marmot - she was so cute (or he)


The girls completely loved the mine and didn't mind when we decided to continue our trip over to Cathedral Park area and venture up a small little FSR in search of the Red Bridge Lake cache - we tried in vein - however the snow eventually over came and we had to go back without our 4 star terrain cache.. oh well another trip will prevail - we're hoping possible for may long weekend. The views were amazing though, and Kris didn't have an anxiety attack on those narrow litle roads - that must be a first for her!

We then went back to the cabin to have a relaxing evening, some burgers and think about the caches we were to place tomorrow - to where or where shall our little caches go - where or where shall they go? Well we actually had them planned. One went around the alien tree, one in an outhouse (Gotta go!) and one at the Lookout at Otter Lake. Really makes me wonder if working is worth it - there is so much to explore and see out there in our great country! oh right I need money to pay for the gas.. aww that's why I work.. he he but ya gotta admit we've got an awesome life..

I'll leave you with a few final photos (remember there's 51 up above if you want to click through to the photos through the slide show) and the cache's you can't see til they're approved.. Til I post the next one - have a great life and remember - be a kid - really why get stressed over being an adult!

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Great post, good pictures, and you've made me want to get up in that part of the country again....good job!