Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A poker run, 4 kids and poison oak - but all worth it!

June 8, 2008
Slideshow for the Day
I think the title about sums it up - It was an awesome time! We had been on the waiting list for the Poker Run and had figued we wouldn't be able to get in, however on Friday Morning we got a message asking if we still wanted to come, as they had a last mintue cancellation. We quickly grabbed it up and were all set for the day!
We started by getting 4 of the kids up bright and early at 6 AM so we could be in Chilliwack on time - boy were they excited - not - lol but the promise of pancakes worked for them. We then made our way out to Chilliwack, after spending the $180 on gas - headed for the starting point. Made it there and got seated and tried to order breakfast. I have always liked that Pantry, but I don't think the waitres was ready for 40 hungry cachers first thing on a Sunday Morning - the kids got their food - so that was a good thing.
We put in our coin for the bound (thank you to the Turbo's for bringing them) and got our instructions and headed out towards the first cache. Now keep in mind we hadn't updated the Chilliwack query in quite some time, about 3 months.. so we then went to go get the first poker cache - succeeded, and thought we'd stop to grab a couple of the Chilliwack caches - but to no avail can't find them, gps is jumping all over the place and the muggles are circling in .. lol can't find the caches - (Now that we get home we realize that ohhh they're archived)
We follow the cache instructions and go from one to the next making our way from Chilliwack through to Abby - all together there were 8 "poker caches" - we also managed to pick up 12 other caches along the way. 2 of them were mystery/puzzle caches that I had worked out months ago - we got to claim them.. yeahhhhhh Felt so good. My favorite all time cache so far is the Music Box Cache from GotLost - many people would think it's not.. but it was my all time - we worked so hard and still feeling the effects of the poison oak..

Here's our log.. First Jordy had tried to follow me to the cache through the first bush whacking way, til we ran into the devils' claw - then when I went up this trail he stayed below - he got the worst from the poison oak, but was wearing shorts..

First - can we add the attribute of the stinging nettles.. lol
Solved the coordinates months ago, but never got to find it as time just didn't work.. so While doing Your Poker Run today.. We pulled up to the park and Kris was very excited as she said we can get one of those puzzle caches!!! Yeah!!
We went up the hill to go down the hill, to try to bushwhack to hit - to figure out that bushwacking through devils clawas and stinging nettles is not a good idea.
Then to find the right trail that Jordy swore was only an animal trail as it was a bit "weedy". Kris volunteered to go up and try to find it - and leave the kids behind. I then (kris) lost my shoe half way up the hill.. (reminds me why I should be wearing hiking boots when we go do and couldn't put it on as everywhere there were nettles and it was at a steep slippery part and so I had to walk part way up the hill with one shoe on and one shoe off with my stockings on.. lol
Finally get the shoe back on, to get up to the hill and the find the cache and have to figure out how to get it as it's entrance is covered in stinging nettles.. lol well got it - signed the log (no trading - as wasn't planning on doing this one.. ) then to get the cache back - well managed that but to camo it.. well it was at that point the arm touched the stinging nettles .. lol while trying to retrieve the cammo..
Excellent cache - excellent adventure!

We had left Quinn in the truck with Chandler, who is a legally certified babysitter and old enough.. and figured the two of them would be ok for the 30 minutes. However Quinn decided to be play his stubborn obstinate one and leave of his own accord to come find me - well we lost him for a short while - we did get him back 10 minutes later but has tauht me that he still has a lot of growing up to do and perhaps leaving him wih Chandler is not the best solution as the two of them will always have that mutual stubborness.. lol

But overall the kids had fun which is more then I expected, and we had a blast!! Can't wait til the one next year. We were one card away from winning the poker hand if we would have had one more spade.. oh well.

But thank you to Mike! for a memorable and awesomeistic day!!!


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