Friday, September 5, 2008

Snow – Vacation – Stoyoma


What can I say but my life rocks – no other words can even start to describe my life – it is amazing. No – nothing will ever be perfect, I could still stand to win the lottery – but overall it’s only money. Money can’t buy you those things that are important. It’s important to relish every moment we’re given on this earth, put in 110% and make it our own – we control our own destiny and life gives you back what you put into it!

As I finish tonight putting up the TB pictures from the last month, an writing this, updating and thinking I’ll never get this done before tomorrow when the next adventures start – I shake myself realizing how lucky I am to get to write this – so here goes.. 2 weeks off 1 ½ of those with 7 children in a cabin with not so great weather, 2 start of the day emergencies and a lost Dingo (yes the kind that eat babies), an Event, Conair @ Stoyoma an 2 trips to bridal falls – one planned an one was Karmic – and yes – Kam is staying for a bit.. yeah.. finally! – so ready for the ride – here goes.

We started out our trip in the best way possible - Jordy got to stop and see Ed again, funny how connected he feels to him - he always is happy to speak to him - talks to Ed more often then his own dad.. kind of neat to see him have that connection as he doesn't with a lot of people - Ed had his FTF prize for Hope Mountain - now we're hoping to claim some of those other FTF's a bit more North of here so we can have them engraved as well.. :)

Ever since Jordy picked up Jingle Bells we keep running into Snow – at the top of mountains where we hike, top of mountains where we camp, top of mountains where we 4x4 too – imagine that and in August.. frustrating.. lol We started off the first day of vacation, Sat with a knock on the door at 8:30 – on Sat – neighbour needed help – late for work car problems. Cancel the sleep in – we then spend all day getting ready and finally get to the cabin. Sunday morning at Cabin at 9 AM, motorcycle in Drive way saying need phone, call 911 – dad hit deer on motorcycle. We call 911 an Jordy goes and help. Later that day we get adopted by a dog, figure don’t feed it, he’ll go home. No Dog didn’t go home – so spend all day Monday finding who dog belongs too – after calling SPCA, putting up signs, buying dog food (this is in Tulameen.. lol) turns out dog belongs a few blocks down and is a sneaky little Dingo.. lol named Rigs – very nice dog – wanted to keep him – but alas no room in the in – besides right now my cat has fleas.. lol

We then spend the remainder of the week trying to entertain children in the lovely weather we were having, and decide let’s go camping – so we make our way up to Apex.. yes cold, no fire won’t start wood too wet. Fine make hot chocolate, go to bed will be better in morning – in morning snow all over everything – we still swear it’s Jingle Bells fault.. lol so quickly pack up an back to cabin for remainder of week – finally Thursday – go home.. give kids to other parents and recover sanity.
Now to the fun stuff..


Friday we get up excited - tomorrow we leave, we spend all day getting ready. Ribs, Prawns - wine, beer and yes dry Fire wood so we can leave nice and early Saturday and cache on the way up. We were to met Ashton, Natasha, Best Red & Teskelly in Boston Bar at about 2. Zuuk was to meet us at the campground - all should be good. Well you know those best laid plans, we got out of the house to have the #1 closed due to an accident so we made the best of it and figure still grab a few caches - 5 minutes in that traffic won't make a difference. So glad we did - we found Beastman's Evil genetic twin without the dog tag mutation.. lol
We get in the truck and go wait in line then all of a sudden are given a start when someone pops there head in the window and goes "hi" - lol it was Best Red, they were worried we might leave Boston Bar without them but were very pleased to know we were in the same line up as them just a bit further up. We finally make it to Boston Bar and meet up with everyone then can start the trip in. We went up the Utlize FSR out of Boston Bar, as the Spirious route appears to be closed. We then worked our way through the maze of trails - and yes we took wrong turns.. lol even though we've been there before. We finally made it into camp at about 6:30. Luckily Zuuk was already there, however he has his own adventure to tell. For the full version - best to read the logs on the Event.
But going to just paste the logs for best effect to capture the feelings.. It was great meeting Best Red & Teskelly, Zuuk and his gang.. :)
We made it - such an amazing journey there - and so happy we could make it with friends.
Funny, one of the last logs was from non-cachers who found it - and we know them, Jordy grew up with one of them in Tulameen, they were there July 9th - a few days after we tried.
We loved the hike in, glad to find out it was only 2 hours to get there at a non grueling pace and that there were no severe "mountain climbs"

For future cachers we suggest to be prepared for every possible weather pattern - you will likely experience snow, hail, sun - and if it does start to snow just hold on for 15-20 minutes it will likely stop and the sun will come out and melt it quickly. We had sudden and severe weather pattern changes every 15-20 minutes. Going from short sleeves to full bundling up back to short sleeves again.. :)

When we rounded onto the final meadow of Heather near the basin (Jordy now realizes the trail is not named after a woman but the fact that there is Heather at the we we crossing it and we looked up and saw the plane on the mountain side - amazing as it looked like a shiny pile of snow.. the hail then started to pour in buckets but we moved towards the plane we refuse to turn back..

30 meters away from the plane the hail stopped, the clouds moved away and sun came out keeping us warm - we then spent about 45 minutes - Jordy & I - along with Ashton & Natasha (two friends we took with us) climbed up to the very top portion of the plan - absolutely amazed - but be careful up there as footing can be a bit loose.

we then took our pictures with us, then the TB's of course and made our way down again - thinking how amazing after all this time so much of the plane survives in such good condition and how we're happy the cache is placed here as other wise we never would have made the journey and would have missed this!

As we moved away from the cache at about 30 meters away the hail started coming down in buckets again, so thank you Eric for allowing us to explore in sunshine. We then headed back to camp and the hail turned into snow flakes - which I caught with my tounge - then back to sunshine.. :)

Thank you for placing the cache here, thank you to our friends who came with us - we'll be posting the pictures up in the next few days :)
Now Caching Karma comes around - Zuuk left at about 3 pm from the campsite with all his vehicle issues, left us 2 mike's in exchange for the use of the tools and truck to help save them while we were hiking - very glad he made it out. On the way out the fuel filter/pump was having issues and we never made it to Zuuk's Nahatlatch cache - figure it wasn't safe and came home. So we looked at the available caches on Monday, still a holiday for us - thought let's go grab his cache in Bridal Falls - we can also work on Ed's Bunker cache.
Well apparently a huge coincidence (and regardless of what people think there was no conspiracy here.. lol) Zuuk happened to be out in bridal falls that day as well. He was running behind us - we figure about an hour at most. We had finished with the "hoser' cache and came down passing paragliders going to the take off- in his picture the paragliders were flying.. when we left Bridal falls paragliders were landing..
We worked our way through the 4 caches in the park, and the 2 above - also getting to meet Mr. & Mrs. Gigabyte and seeing the trailer that Zuuk's smart car towed. Well at work on Tuesday I was looking at the geocaching site at the caches we went and go and up pops caches still in Bridal falls - that can't be right.. Zuuk had placed 2 new ones up there and moved the FVRT there as well. Now I know we said we'd never go get that one again but being his mention of "turtles" in the cache pages couldn't resist - so thank you Zuuk - you made a great day.
I can only reiterate it as I did in the log for the one with the best view..
Yeah - our 2nd FTF for the day - well the adventure continues - on the way out to the caches we phoned a friend to see if they were out on their way to the cache - quite happy to know we were still in the running, but slightly feeling bad that we were past the point to pick them up.
We thought they would be able to get their in their Dodge Dualie - never realizing that it might not be the right vehicle to go up the road and that the Jeep would probably be a better choice - we will keep that in mind next time, as long as they let us know of new caches that we might want to get together on.. (hint hint)

We continued up the road from the last cache to what is litterally the end of the road - then walked up the trail - something tells us that there may have once been a cache up here as how else would 2 people know that the end of the road leads to a trail with an amazing view!! We walked along the trail, a bit scary at times with the drop offs and knowing that you are on sheer shale!

But none the less a breathtaking place to take in the sunset and hold each others hands as we realize how lucky we are to live in the best place on earth and have people help us discover these amazing places that we never would know exist..!!

We picked up the coins - hard to trade in the little container -however left the equivalent to our bottle of wine that we forewent tonight..the celebration was in the view and memories of the trip :) We'll likely hold on to the one coin for just a bit as we want to get some good photos of it..

Thank you.. for showing us how addicted we are - but more importantly why this is such a great sport for us - and for the distraction of helping us think we were on vacation for one more day, however now the budget kicks in and we have some reality calling us for the next bit as we fix fuel pumps, vacuum and get kids back to school (hint we can't rush out at the last minute anymore this week.. lol)
As I sit here Friday night looking back at the last two weeks, with Jordy up Whipsaw placing caches with the 4x4 club, and me running off to the Rally tomorrow and realize how blessed I am to have this amazing life. If you had asked me a year ago what I'd want to do and if I'd enjoy being around people, as anti-social as I am I would have said just let me be.. I never imagined that I would enjoy a group of people as much as I have those we've met through geocaching.. they're true, genuine, caring - a bit eccentric like I.. but all so good hearted - the ones we've met anyways.. I'm so genuinely happy right now with so much in my life - now wish me luck in the Rally and Jordy to not break a rear axle in this whipsaw run and the caches get places safely!

As we came back from Stoyoma - 2 guys in Jeeps pulled in, at 4 pm they decided to try to get to the plane - I hope they made it in and back ok - they seemed really cool. I'll leave you with one thought..It's about living, it's about caring, it's about just doing it.. no matter what you can be happy - it's all a choice


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