Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whipsaw & The Tailspin Ralley, Harrison & Botanie -


The last two weeks have been hectic as we get back into the swing of the new school year. All 7 kidlets are starting to settle in, we're getting up to date with the new schedules - but still managing to fit in our needed adventure time. Without it we would go to the looneybin!

Last Weekend we managed to be in 2 places at the same time. Jordy headed up to the cabin with his kids (& GPS) while Kris stayed home and attended Scruffster's Tailspin Ralley. While up in Whipsaw Jordy managed to finish placing the last 3 caches for the run, so now there are 4 in total from start to finish. Luckily this time he didn't do in the rear axle.

Last year while doing the run he managed to bust the rear axle while going up Falcon Hill. This resulted in having to be winched up to the top by Wes's Jeep and having to leave the truck there for over a week. After getting home he had to frantically find a new one, pick it up in the Honda Civic (yes full size rear axle's for a Subruban will fit in the back of a Honda Civic - much to the surprise of the guys at the shop!) Make arrangements for Earl to take him up there, switch out the rear axle while the truck is attached to a tree to keep it from going down the hill and all while it's still dark - completing by the lights of Earl's Suburban!

Not an experience we wanted to repeat this year. Jordy headed off with his 4 kids on the run, and luckily made it all in one piece - along the run is a really cool hill called Janzen Rock - not sure the history behind the plaque that is there - but Jordy climbed up it!

He placed the first cache at Huff's mine - and that will be Gotta Go #2 (what will happen when we get to #3 - what is that exactly) - then up to Let's Shack up #4 - then finally - Can you Spare a Rear Axle? - Falcon Hill. Can't wait to see who claims the FTF on these ones - we've got our eyes on a few people to run up there. Jordy forgot the FTF prizes - so we have them here to share with the winners when we get to meet up with them.

Meanwhile Kris stayed behind and had a blast with fellow Cachers while attending Scruffster's Tailspin Ralley! That was so much fun - I think that the blog by Left Coast Floyd's say's it best - so click here to read theirs. I met some new great friends that day and realized that I can do things by myself and actually not get panic attacks when in a social setting.. lol

Jordy Returned back to my arms on Sunday night and we spent the next week trying to play catch up and get ready for this weekend. This weekend we had so much fun! Friday night we stayed put and got ready for our trip up Harrison to Sloquette. We had two goals in mind - Have fun with the group on Saturday and make Botanie Mountain before coming home Sunday. Anything else would be a pure bonus!

We got up Saturday morning and headed off to Timmy's in Misson for the Breakfast at Harrison Event - of course we went to the wrong one.. lol didn't depend on our coordinates - went by "of course it's there" - when will we learn to listen to the GPS? of course when we do we're supposed to listen to our geosense - always an excuse.. lol

We found the correct one and met up with everyone and suggested meeting at the Fish Hatchery - forgetting to clarify which one - we were meaning the one up at the start of the Harrison FSR - everyone else thought Inch Creek - apparently we missed the hugest fish ever - they even have a picture to prove it - (wonder if he photo shopped that - we'll never know will we Scruffster). Think we need to take a drive up there - we then as a group headed up the West Harrison FSR and did each of the caches on Ed's list - he made a perfect list and had the timing down pat. We were able to make it there and back with still some daylight - if we had ventured off for some of the more challenging caches we never would have made it.

Funny how we do so much of the exploring, we take for granted our ability to get out there. We travel these roads, see the sights - stand at the top of the mountain and shout out AMAZING!!! See the results of the landslides, hike to the top of the lookouts - but so many people can't do these things for one reason or another. So happy that we got to help them get out there and see it... Think I learned more from that then I have in a long time - just seeing their smiles on the faces when looking through the pictures.
Read the log entries for the whole story - and TJGuy98's write up. Just give him a few days to get it up there is a lot to tell! and he's even doing a up the video footage!!!

We then took our passengers back to their cars, and headed up to Sloquette - first stopping in at Mystery Spot! - What an amazing little Cache - the Stumps there are so huge!!! and the road there so much fun. We now know why we didn't find it the first time - about 100 meters out - amazing what you clue into when you read the hints and now know what that stands for. Cache was safe and dry after over a year - and Jordy had a blast on that little quad trail. After claiming the cache we headed up to our final destination - Sloquette - a welcome area after along day. We set up camp, blew up the air mattress - played a bit of music enjoyed a yummy dinner and crashed.

We got up the next morning and who should be next to us but Steve & Wendy (Zuuk's friends he brought up to Stoyoma.. :) We chatted for a bit - he had the unfortuante incident of a bad tire, but was successfully going to repair it. We made our way down to the Hotsprings and Established our first DNF in a while - Still can't find that cache. Before we go next time we'll clarify with the Beanz in to which stump they placed it. We then hiked up the hill, it is getting a bit easier each time - does that mean that we're getting in better shape? I didn't have to stop this time!

We then packed up and headed back up the FSR towards Pemberton, grabbing one of the caches. What an amazing cemetery there was - I still swear I heard voices, and after the events of Monday morning thing they were the boys guardian angels. We continued on up the FSR til we hit pavement and then traveled towards Lilloet - passing by the Pemberton ice fields (think that's what they were) - amazing. I've never done this part of the drive during the day, this time Jordy was driving so I was able to take photos - I took tons of them - still sorting through the final ones, but put quite a few in the slide show.

The lakes, the mountains - all so unbelievably beautiful!! We then made it into Lilloet and stopped for a few moments at IRLP's Hanging Tree Cache - Funny on one hand we seem so advanced, on the other things were much simpler back then - here's the crime - here's the punishment. But history none the less is amazing -

We then left Lilloet and continued our way down the Canyon til right outside of Lytton and headed on up the Botanie FSR to our ultimate destination - the lookout and towers up there and the Botanie Mountain Lookout Cache!. Still not sure if we'd need to use the chain saw - we were completely prepared! Some awesome sights on the way up - a ladder along the cliffs of the river (I'm not that brave) - what I can only call a tinkerer's shop - lot's of interesting creations. We then turned off of the paved road onto the FSR and saw a bear. Not a huge one, but not a cub - he just stared at us for a moment then went back to munching on his berries - not really interested in us.

We slowly made our way up the Switchbacks, ensuring to take the right turns instead of the lefts when we got near a cliff and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed (at least this one there was no hiking for.. lol) til we plateued for a bit going past Devil's leap - beautiful views from here. We then stayed level crossing the ridge til - when what to our wandering eyes should appear but a radio tower and some cliffs ahead.

We gulped and we gasped and we said - up there? how scarry the thought is when one has a bit of fear - so we buckled back in and set off on the road - with rocks under wheels and not an inch to spare - we slowly drove up - not looking down til we reached the peak and said what a trip.

We were so excited.. See Video - sure we had the FTF

But alas - twas not to be - but none the less we would have done the cache anyway - that would have just been a bonus - but why come up here and not claim the cache - we each have our own reasons for doing this.

To Ed we say thank you - (well to both Ed's that is - you both made our weekend!!) - Til we adventure again- so hmm that Chilliwack Lake FSR is looking a bit of fun and we have lots of caches to get up there - anyone up for an event that way?


Eddie said...

Can't help but feel you have a extremely large, silly smile on your face from having way too much fun in such a short time! :)

Good job on the posting and the pictures....we like them!

TESKELLY said...

Great blog. I really do enjoy coming here and reading about your adventure and now I feel special seeings how I have been apart of a couple of them. Looking forward to travelling along for more of them as well.