Friday, November 28, 2008

A full year of adventures

Last weekend marks our first anniversary of caching - some really good moments and excitement and some very tired and exhausting times where we pushed ourselves to the limit but every moment so worth it!

We've experienced so many emotions with caching - moments of excitement, defeat, frustration, elation, happiness to name a few and have met so many great people over the past year. We've built some very interesting networks and met people we never would have crossed paths with.

When we do a recap of the last year so many memories of signing the little log sheets - all 654 of them.. and you know what I remember every one as we made sure to go out of our way to make sure we stayed true to the nature of what was important to us about it.

Our first caching trip took us from Vancouver to Tulameen, Princeton, Merritt and everywhere in between and over the last year we've chased down caches by Mercrocks, AlleyKatz, Zuuk, IRLPguy, TJguy98, Scruff, High Maintenance, The Beanz, Turbo's and so many more. Chased a little bug all the way to Woodstock, hiked in 7 hour to the top of a Mountain, been in snow in August at the top of Apex.

I think for me it's been important to prove that I still can physically do these things, - I might not always be able to as much in a few years, hopefully though by staying active it will allow me to keep doing what I love. It's also allowed me an outlet for creativity - though need more time.. lol and someone to carry the packs for me, I'm so grateful that Jordy understands and carries things for me.. lol I never was coordinated anyways.

The last few weeks we've done a lot - chased caches to the top of Mount Thurston for some Caches which had some awesome views, and then headed up to the Clear Creek Hot springs in search of another and placed a cache at some really nice waterfalls.. :)

Then the 1 year anniversary came we had originally planned a 3 day extravaganza however fate always intervenes at the strangest times.. we had to put off the big trip so Jordy could get his new tires for the Suburban.

So we choose a smaller route that would still offer up some memories.. :)

We started out with a trip up the Fraser Canyon with the first stop in Hope to grab one of our nemesis caches - Killdeer's Clutch.. lol can not believe it took us 3 tries once we found it - blends in so well!! Kudos's to the hider

We then went up a bit more to the old bridge that crosses the Fraser River and stopped to grab "Crossing the Mighty Fraser" - all I can say is breathtaking. The older structures really show how important aesthetic beauty was as important as structural integrity. When we were there and saw the log book it was neat as the FTF on this cache was gpooley (who placed Conair @ Stoyoma)

We continued on up the canyon grabbing a few caches til getting to Boston Bar, we then crossed the bridge to Bend and headed up to Nahatlatch. Nahatlach used to connect up with the East Harrison FSR, but from what we know now either it's washed out (the easy route) or you need 47 inch tires, lockers front and rear and a few trucks to get through. I think it's through American Creek if I remember Jordy's comments correctly. Our first goal was "My True Love" - it was located at an old abandoned Ranger Station that is used a a campsite. Was kind of neat to walk in the door and see a table with a vase and flowers(dried ones) along with a board game.. you could just feel the romance in the air. The owner asked for pictures of happy couples so how could we not oblige!!

We then headed up to our goal for the weekend, the Nahatlach fire lookout - it had escaped us last time we were there, and I'm glad as it forced us to come back again in the snow. You know I think one of my favorite things is to drive or walk through pristine snow - that pure white snow that crunches under your feet when you walk - the kind that literally glitters when the light hits it. It smells so beautiful and is so pure & untouched. Makes think for a bit there might be hope for this world.. We got up to the lookout and found the cache this time around - took a few minutes of looking at the wrong place - still learning how to do projections.

We then headed on up the canyon in search of a few more adventures and headed over to Kamloops to meet up with Couloir for a bit. Talked for a bit and got to know him & his wife - very neat people. Glad to know they should be back in May for the event.

We then decided to put a hold on any further caching, Jordy's been fighting the flu or a wicked bug so had to take it easy. We headed from Kamloops to Merritt and ran into a wicked snow storm - of which Jordy decided to run the high beams and low beams at the same time - not good for a jeep - both headlights died in the snow storm - we did still have the driving lights.. lol slow progress it was.

At Merritt he decided to try to fix, "knowing" that they couldn't have both burned out it must be another issue - so he removes a wire hanging down in the back to make a voltage testor (just call him McGyver.. lol) which only proved that the lights had died at the same time - but there was a consequence.. now the left turn signal wouldn't work.

We finally get back on the road to the back road to the cabin going slow and get into the cabin in time to fall asleep by midnight.. Now if I recall correctly he caused all the issues so can I tell him he can't drive the jeep anymore.. it's mine!!!lol it doesn't like him.. na na na na na..

We spent the next few days placing 5 caches for the event and exploring around. Our Sunday Morning after - we got lost trying to place it.. lol hoping that people have fun with it - no point to it - it's just there. We tried to get the thin/thyne/time cache placed as well but the snow was too heavy already to get up there. Maybe when it thaws - of course at the bc winter rate of late people will be able to snowmobile to some of these caches we've been placing..

All in all an awesome trip - no amazing stories, no breathtaking awwwwww just a weekend to memorialize how caching started for us - just out there exploring like we always have and will - no focus, no worries just 2 turtles in love..


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Eddie said...

And we are all the better for Kris and Jordy coming on the scene. Congrats on your first year of caching, and congrats to the two lovebirds on your future plans!

Thanks for inspiring all you meet, you bring the fun back into our lives!