Sunday, April 27, 2008

4 New Caches Placed, 9 found and an Alouette trip!

Slide Show for the Day!

Some days I love our life, even though hectic it's awesome. We didn't get as many caches as we wanted as one of the mini turtles turned 12 and we had a sleep over for him and his buddies on Saturday - and on Friday a cousin was in town from Pennsylvania for the night so we did dinner - so our Caching time was seriously cut into.. lol But well Worth it.

We managed to grab 4 on Friday and experienced a sad sad moment - a freshly muggled cache.. very sad for us - the papers were all around from the log book - we grabbed what we could and sent a message to the owners.

It was however an amazing weekend!

Kris and Cousin Lou!

Ok - so I will never like my pictures - still think I look like a chipmunk in them.. :P

We did find 3 very healthy caches on friday, tried to find one that apparently had been archived since my Vancouver querry a few weeks ago, but was worth the stop anyway!

We happened to have 4 of our caches posted this weekend - we're really enjoying placing them - it's a bit all obsessing now, People are going to think it's because of the blitz - but it's not - we just finally are starting to pull our ideas together and the roads are opening.

Finally we've been able to get some out of the box thinking going on for them - Jordy's creative juices have started flowing and we're using some ideas that we havent' seen before! For Kris it's just the fun of building up an idea - theme - from the cache page to the cammo.. he he she's thinking a Nursery Rhyme theme could be next!!

We did manage to claim 9 this weekend in spite of the limited time, but it's not about the numbers it's about what you see while you're out there.. take this picture for instance:

The Sweet Bliss of a Honey Suckle Moment

How often do we get to capture these moments in time, where for that split second you can stand still and just take in the power of something so small?

Then of course you think the coordinates will get you to the cache if it's a traditional one - boy were we wrong.. lol we went up almost the full km to the cache (in real hiking time) to find out it was a traditional cache we needed the sheet for as it was 180 'paces' from the coordinates - so back down to the Yeep we go.. :P and on the way back..

Woody Warns Us Away!

Think the whole trip up and back and up again was well worth it - besides the excercise we got. We explored the area rescued two TB's and left two behind.. and took them on a few photo op adventures. We had wanted to get 10 caches done today to do some catch up for missing the gorgeous sun yesterday but fate didn't allow that. However we are proud to boast we have now done our second multi-cache (and this time Kris figured it out in only 3 steps - not the 5 normally required!) and didn't land us 12 km away!

All in all a great Weekend.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Trip Up Stave and another cache Placed

Slide Show of the Day!
Well on the 20th we finally got to celebrate our 250th find - quite a sneaky one I might add - we expected one thing and got another - B08: Douglas Tunnel was our goal, found it and think we were a bit disapointed, but laughing. We really had wanted to believe the story - aww but that is part of the creativity of the cache. Chandler had some fun on the logs - so all was not lost.
The TB Crew Discovers the Douglas Tunnel

We then ventured over to pick up the Colony Farms one which had been on our list for a while - we had missed it on our first Merry Hill Bypass night and thought we should get it off our to do list. Still swear those plants are tarantula plants - and really makes you wonder what they're doing over in that prison.. lol Beastman Wrestles the Spider to the Ground
After that we picked up Gareth and headed up Stave to see in Jordy's words "The Gong Show". We did grab the one cache, the Rolley Falls Trail, learned sometime hints are literal - it said base of stairs - well where we were at GZ there were mother nature made stairs - didn't seem to be there so I started wandering and found "real stairs".. lol

It really is too bad that people "dump" stuff there, we came back out of the trail with a bag full of garbage, cans etc to come accross guys at the bottom unloading the contents of a trailer including picket fences etc - sometimes feels like the effort is for naught.. but I know we're doing the right thing.

We then headed up and watched a few people playing in the mud - nothing too bad at least, then ventured back up the FSR and who do we run accross but the guys from yesterday who were kicked out for going around a gate (small world isn't it.. lol) and continue on up to get as far as we could towards the lookout. Didn't quite make it - a little too much snow - but Jordy thought he'd have a little fun at least he he..

Since we couldn't get to the very top we decided this would be a perfect place to put our last cache of the weekend - Between Stave and Allouette. Of course this cache had a lot of meaning to us - as the first weekend we spent together Jordy took me up to the top with a picnic and I got to pick thimble berries - think it was part of the reason we fell in love. He was so happy that I was happy to be there -think he was shocked as well. The view from the top is so amazing as you can see Stave on one side and Allouette on the other

Almost two years later and we're still very very happy and sharing our new addiction of GEOCACHING!!!

We Rescue Goin' Home and Place 4 Caches

This weekend marks our first placement of caches that we considered 'worthy' of us. It involved two trips, one up the West Harrison FSR in search of TJGuy98's 6 new caches of which we got 5, lol because Kris didn't double check they all loaded before leaving. Luckily Mark came through in a pinch and Jordy called him. Even though he's complutely a geocache newby - he rocked!

We started out our trip at
Horse Thorns, and picked up Goin' Home - unfortunately George (The Tic-Tac-Toe) ended up being sacrficed. We didn't have the coin we had planned on dropping with us. On the way there - the Werewolf Roosters were out and trying to attack us - luckily there was a gate between us.

After there we placed two caches before heading out to West Harrison - one was for "A Cache of Cache's" - the second "Let's Try Again". We ended up at a Cache of Cache's the night before - all due to a miscalculation - but so happy we did - it's an amazing little place.

Cool is all we can say about it - so thank you the gods of fate for directing us here.

We then proceded to head up the Harrison West FSR in search of a few new caches, which we managed to get 5 out of the 6 (a bit of a technology glitch). We first headed up to see what the status of Look Out for that Well was - still a bit too much snow to do the 1.2 KM hike up the 1000 foot elevation. Hoping to come back in a few weeks to try to master it, and hoping no one that goes up there claims it - we want to rescue Jingle Bell!!!

Ran into a few people who I won't call names but were upset because they had gone beyond the gate and got yelled at by the person down there. No reply needed, Grabbed the 5 new caches and made our way out to Walian Creek FSR to a quick remembery of our FTF Which Way Now - and placed our best cache yet!! "A Way to Which Way Now".

We know it won't see a ton of action, but it's one of those that i think truly resembles Geocaching at it's finest - highlight something you might never see otherwise, and you have to work to get it!
Jordy remembered all those cross ditches on the way there, so thankfully we didn't hit anything too hard, Gareth and Chandler were with us as well and loved spending the day with their dad that way.

We then turn around and headed back down, claiming the remainder of the caches and tried to get a specific one for #250 - Morris Valley View - unfortunately the road we tried didn't lead there - but did lead to placement of cache #4 "Weave a View" - The road there can be reached via the Weaver lake campground or from down below - and is another amazing place.

We wanted to try the other route, however the boys were tired and wanted to get back to civilization.. so we gave in and will have to wait for another day for that one. But as anyone who knows us - that will be a side trip - first priority will be Look out for that Well!