Friday, March 27, 2009

Anacortes - our 3rd Home

Anacortes - town of history, beauty and memories!

Today, after a writing drought, we return to our lives of adventures - the next few months promise to be full of excite and stories to share..
Last weekend we took in a beautiful weekend in Anacortes, we call it our 3rd home as we have been there 4 times now in search of caches and each time amazed more and more at what we have found. So far we have explored most of Fidalgo Island, Guemes Island and the Deception Pass area.
Where to start one must ask - well first I'd like to invite you into the best caches (in our opinion) that bring you unexpected surprises!

From Anacortes

When you arrive here you will feel as if you have stepped into the scene of an Indiana Jones movie - or at least we did. Amazing and breathtaking is all we can say - First visit Cap Sante and enjoy the views - the current cache there is disabled. While still parked there you can make your way down - first you will descend moss covered stone stairs to stone seats that are covered in moss. The full history here is hard to find - however it is where people used to watch the boat races 100 years ago - Amazing how much work was put into it and now it is a hidden jewel.

From Anacortes

You'll feel like you've escaped from the rest of the world. Guemes Island is a quick $9 - 5 minute ferry ride from the mainland - check the schedule. But the entire Island is worth an explore - the puzzle cache between can be done on the ferry and is a quick find, and the multi-cache was kind of fun as well. The letter box we still have to finish, and we love the Donkey's on the island. But of the entire Island 2 caches stuck out - top vote goes to Guemes High though. We spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to get there - even the local high school kids didn't know how to get to the towers. (Perhaps that's a good

From Anacortes

- follow the hints and roads and enjoy the exploration - that is half the fun. Finally you will be able to find the right road. When we were there at the place where the road left the other direction there was this cool sponge guy on a tree.. lol
You'll be able to drive to a certain point and then have to walk up to the peak - you will pass the rain barn and keep ascending up for a bit. But when you reach the peak (near the radio towers) you will be rewarded with a full view of the ocean below and the surrounding little islands - you'll also have complete privacy up there to enjoy it. Another little secret get away on the island we discovered this weekend - Mulling it Over GC1ET7W When you go the correct way you will run across this suspension bridge - so awesome!

The whole theme through our exploration was that we never knew how much there was. Miles and Miles of trails through the Anacortes Community Forest Lands, if you go we suggest that you pick up the map available at the visitor centre. For accommodations we recommend the Anaco Bay Inn, and for breakfast the Calico Cupboard. There is so much to see there, so many things to take pictures of - to try to rush in too much in one day you will miss out on so very much.

From Anacortes

The Wizard of Ooze is the outhouse supplier.. lol The cachers in Anacortes have placed some amazing caches that have been around for a very long time (and would meet the 42 requirements.. lol) They say a picture says a thousand words - and I believe most of our photo's say it all..
There's even a castle or two if you look around the town carefully enough - as well as a breakwater made out of a large boat that has been filled in and is growing trees... the restaurants and food divine, the people their incredibly friendly.

From Anacortes


Eddie said...

Glad to see you had a great time in the area. We like going down for the Annacortes Street Festival in August....

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Kris, we've missed you here.