Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Voice

First I know basically that I'm talking to myself here - and yes I will reply - so does that mean that I'm crazy - maybe yes but it helps me survive.

Anyone who knows me knows how value driven and ethical I am. Do I fully expect others to live up to the same rules and expectations I hold myself to - no. But what do I expect?

I expect others to think about the consequences of what they do.

I expect others to focus on something other then personal gain.

I expect others to speak out publically about something that concerns them rather then just keep quiet and to a few people

But then again over the last year I've learned some very hard lessons on the reality of life.

I've learned that there are some people who care so very deeply and passionately about things that they will fight for what they believe in no matter what the cost.

I've also learned that some people are afraid to rock the boat or fear the consequences so they don't speak up. I've also realized just how much pressure of peers can impact people.

I've also learned that for some people caching is a game to be played and won at any cost.

I've also learned that caching can truly make a difference in ones life. Who would have imagined that chasing a tupperware box in the forest could actually make a difference in a life and possibly save someone?

I know that 10's of thousands of people value it as a game that entertains them and it's nothing more then that. Perhaps that truly is the majority of people - but there are some that caching has "saved" their life or another aspect of it.

As a society we say that majority rules, but why is it that we as a society can not step back and do what is truly best and the right thing to do? I guess that depends on what the right thing to do is.

Perhaps we have a slightly altered view on the importance of caching and the beauty it can create and the difference it can make - why? Well:

- We know a person with Agoraphobia that this is how they get out of the house and are overcoming their fears that have kept them locked up for a few years

- We know a person who has Social Phobia and refused to talk to anyone they didn't have to, on a scale of 1-30 on an intravert they were a 30. Today because of caching they will interact and have friends

- We know a person who had brain surgery a year ago and this is how their family gets them to get out of the house and regain courage in life

- We know a person who was subject to depression and unable to work and felt they could do nothing right, they now feel as if they have accomplished something and we have seen them do things that we ourselves might not have been willing to do and given up

- We have seen people with physical disabilities (walking on hand crutches) hike several kilometers to get a cache

- We have seen people dedicate caches to helping to clean up an area abused by people

- We have seen people who cared so much about a fellows cachers daughter that they gathered up a care basket and delivered it so the daughter could smile

- We have seen people who lacked belief they could do something stand in the middle of a room getting aplauded by 100 fellow cachers and congratulated on such an amazing event and then repeat it to make it even better

- We have seen cachers adopt streams & the list goes on and on

Caching can make a difference in a life, so if it can make such a profound difference and I truly hope that if we were to stand up in front of a room of people and give them the option of doing something to help encourage these scenario's. But unfortunately I know the truth about the general public - If they have an option that will benefit them personally they will pick that.

Not anyone in particular - but society in general has a what's in it for me belief. Those we count as our close friends appear to be the exception to the rule on this, they care more about those in their lives and how can they help them.

I know that it is a pipe dream - but what if we all stood up and spoke in our one voice and united and made a plan to make a difference? Does that "big tupper wear drop" really help that? Why not spend the energies focusing on something that can reach out a hand to those that need it and make a difference in this world -

The original video won't allow embedding here - so I had to use a different one

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Peg said...

Interesting stories, and encouraging - I agree, it would be a much nicer world if everybody took the high road and reached out to help. Probably the best we can do is make that our philosophy and goal in life personally.