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2 Awesome Years of Caching = 1,194 km, 3 days and 38 caches

Disclaimer - pictures in story are not indicative of the part of the story they are placed with - they are simply ones I liked from our weekend

Last weekend we set out on a 3 day adventure celebrating what is most important to us - Time with each other away from the hecticness of life. Celebrating 2 years of adventures, exploring and seeing the road less traveled the way others wanted you to see it. This totaled from leaving the house to coming back 1,194 KM over the 3 days and claiming 38 new caches. For many that we know that simply would be enough, but for us the caches are what leads us, not why we're there - if that makes any sense. It's about what we see - and if anyone knows us they know we get distracted easily!

We left here Thursday night to head to the cabin, we had originally planned on starting up the canyon. Plans changed at the last moment and we reversed our plans and started in Tulameen, then to Keremeos, Osooyos, Penticton, Merrit, Logan Lake, Ashcroft & then home. We wanted to take more side roads, but the snow is here so it makes it a bit challenging. A few of the caches will stand out in our mind for many more years to come, and but we've also learned that not every cache over the years will. Hard to imagine that at the beginning though.

We left Tulameen and headed in Princeton to try to find Mercs Rock "Playing in the Fountain" , it is his newer one that we hadn't had a chance to grab yet, and was kind of fun playing in the muggle zone. While there I scoped out to see if there were any new history books, and Jordy ran into Will and got to hear about his latest ways to make a few hundred bucks. He still so reminds me of my dad. We then headed down towards Hedley, but first attempting to make our way up to the YDC - VORTAC Station at Princeton cache that had escaped us in the Suburban. We've realized that the tank won't get you everywhere you want to, it's great on mud, dirt and other places - however snow and ice you need something else - this resulted in us trying out the Jeep with the lift now, Sway Bar disconnects, newer tires and we found that it got us all the way to the top!

A beautiful view was beheld, a true 360 degrees it felt like, not quite as high up as Botany or Hope, but still very neat for the area. Very happy to have this one off our list we headed down to Hedley to stop in to see if the museum was open, which they weren't then onto Keremeos & then to Spotted Lakes. We had originally intended to replace our cache at spotted lake as it is a film canister at the bottom of a sign. But when we got there to check on it we realized that the log is completely dry, it had survived a full winter there already and is truly unobtrusive. If we put it in a magnetic keyholder the magnets could come off, if we place it in a bison tube people will struggle to get the log in and out - so we left it as is.

We then go into Osoyoos & had lunch/dinner at the best pub (brew house) around - we've been here a few times and the food is so good! The murals on the walls are very endearing as well, afterwards we headed over to find one of the caches at the visitors center (Under the "I" in Osoyoos ) & met new cachers while were there. kaasi ! A very nice couple who had just had their first cache published and are becoming as addicted as so many of us, we talked for a bit sharing a few stories then headed our way up the road grabbing a few along the way. One of those included Road 22, one that eluded us last year do to the bug population in the summer!

We hit Penticton and settled in for the night at the Super 8, a nice place - however the hot tub was not hot enough, the water in the shower wasn't that warm either. Next time through we'll try another location. We did get a good nights sleep & then woke up in the morning and enjoyed Starbucks before heading out for the goal of the trip - a road less travelled! There have been a few caches that have been on our "home query" around Tulameen that we've wanted to get and now was our chance.

We were able to grab a few on our way, however we were very excited we we got to the first one on the list - Teddy Bears' Picnic. , it would take us to one of the Trestles along the KVR. Lets just say it didn't disappoint! We also headed up the KVR a bit further along the way and it took us to another neat spot (TCT Faulder -Nothing but a Hole-__- )- one where there was a cellar dug into the mountain with support beams that still stood. This was the first time we have ever gone into a "Hole in the wall", as we were without fear of something eating us or it collapsing! he he

We then continued on up the road attempting to go get Kathleen's cache, alas that wasn't to be, the elevation was just way to hi to get that one, but maybe next time, or if we can get a snowmobile and go.. lol We decided to continue on instead of heading to Mizzula lake, this lead us to the B-59 cache and a road we thought would continue through - however the road dead ended.. just our luck, so we had to make the long road back down to almost Kelowna and then back on the 97C over to Merritt to settle in for the night.

Once we hit Merritt we had some good Chinese & a bottle of wine and had the opposite result for water - the hot tub too hot.. lol We woke up the next morning and tried out the Home restaurant and it was ok, but way to busy on a Sunday morning for our liking - That was ok though - today's goal would be exploring Logan Lake - a first for us.

We left Merritt and headed west, the first cache we tried for was a failure - but not because of lack of trying. We ran into a tree across the road.. lol and we weren't willing to go where no other jeep had traveled by ourselves. So we went back down through the mud & muck he he and I got my dirty boy!

The next cache really struck a cord with us - it was a Gold Rush Cache and the first one that has really caught our interest very interesting as it took us somewhere we wouldn't have been other wise - Gold Country - Lafek Pioneer . We so wanted to go past the gate to see what the buildings were like, as even from a distance as I stood on the hood of jeep looking beyond at the house and school building I could feel him there. I could feel the love and hard work that went into here, and you know they haven't left here as of yet and that their spirits never will. Jordy and I would give almost anything to be able to walk away from our every day life and live like that. Hard yes, but in some ways so very much more rewarding.

We paid our respects then headed into Logan Lake and tried getting ahold of 5King Cachers to meet up with them, but while we were waiting explored some of their finder caches. The bike Park in Logan Lake is amazing with the frisbee gold & running across the road he he.. but here we found yet another one of our favorite caches - Logan Lake Bike Hill. It was a bit of a grind & hike to the top, but once you got up there you get amazed by the little things up here - the word Phantom written out in rocks that has stood here for how many years, the little pile of white rocks in a circle covered in manure (pet cemetery?) little lean to's that look like their covered in something - and the view great (also if you have Rogers you'll get 4 bars of cell phone service here.. lol)

We spent about 30 minutes looking for the cache and taking pictures, we finally found the cache in a logical place after reading Pappy90's log - it's not by the bench, but in the side of the mountain tucked away to keep it safe - along with it's few bite marks.. after finding it we headed back down to meet up with our friends and then head on over to Ashcroft & then back down the canyon as our adventure was coming to an end.

Can you see the jeep?

We got home Sunday at about 10 pm - almost on time which is a miracle for us, unpacked and settled in for a long winters sleep. But as we settled in we realized just how lucky we are to live this amazing life - looking at the mileage, the views, the sites and thinking were we really standing at the Vortec look out only 2 days ago - wow we saw a lot..

Is this a sighting of Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2

And then we realized that's why we cache, to see those things, meet those people and have those memories we would have any other way.. so thank you to those people who take us new places!
PS - We also placed a cache that we'll be offering up to Graf to place as it's a film canister in a skate park -we thought perfect for his skate or die series - and only he get's that one!

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Great trip report, and great pictures to go along with the story telling of a long, long weekend!
And HEY! I have a picture of a Jeep next to that mining truck in Logan Lake too! Great minds think alike... :)

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