Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tailspin 2 Rally!! Video Finally!

Just a quick note.. :) We finally had a few moments to put the video together honoring Mrs. Turbos and Scruff in their event. Although in the photos Mrs. Turbo's seemed to avoid the camera - will have to make up for this in Tulameen. We continue to be ever busy with the Coal Rush and 4 weeks out.. but we had a few hours tonight to pay homeage to those we love!! (Video will be available shortly - still

May all events be this fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Coal Rush approaches.. he he he he he

Well another quick note - We made our 2nd "caching video" - thought I'd post that up here before I get into the weekend adventures.. :)

This weekend rocked - we have the winch now and learned a few valuable lessons - but as always your slideshow!!

We headed up to the cabin on Friday night with the hopes of getting some of the cards for the poker run placed, check the snow levels but thinking that there is no way we will get as far as we wanted to. So at least downtime could be had - we never knew how wrong we would be. For those coming up to Tulameen - don't let the snow scare you - it will pretty much be gone in 2-3 weeks now..

Winter is over in Tulameen and Summer quickly approaches, there really ever are only 2 seasons there - Winter & Summer. Saturday turned in 18 degrees of beautiful t-shirt weather, woke up at 7:30 (yes us) and had to go explore. We packed up lunch in the Tank and headed out wondering where we could get.

From Tulamee - Great Coal Rush Planing

We quickly headed up to Dead Horse Bluffs knowing that the road is plowed, should be good and had no problems there - then thought let's try Wooden Monster. We head over the snow bump and Mr. Turtle goes oh sh*** we're stuck.. lol of course we hadn't ever tried the winch yet - and we wanted to try getting stuck where it is safe.. and we did! and it worked. We made it over the hump and into Wooden Monster without a hitch! We dropped off the poker cards and then headed off to the next few.

We made it up to the 12 km mark off loadstone, and could have gone further but a few snowmobilers are still utilizing that part - so will do that in a few weeks but we did almost finish Blakeburn. We walked the last couple of hundred of meters into the Coal pit and were able to place the cache there - don't ask me why but I love that little area.

From Tulamee - Great Coal Rush Planing

We then headed down to summer sands, well we took the one route in and thought let's try the other one out - ummm next time you head up a goat trail in a Suburban make sure you don't have to back down that trail.. lol - I must be getting better I didn't climb out and panic - oh that's right there wasn't enough space on my side of the door to get out.

We then headed up the Star Gazing lookout - again gettig to try the winch for a snow drift - and made it all the way up there to place another cache, then back down and then over and up Cook Creek FSR to the Cabin - not a problem and all the way to the Lookout! only had one little hitch there.. lol

We were heading up one of the steeper sections of the goat trail known as nestors trail and well we need to winch again.. so what does he do but tie it off to the nearest 8 foot stump.. I don't think I've laughed as hard as I did at that moment (see it at the end) I started crying from tears of joy - it was hilarious.


We got to the top of the lookout - not another track in site and are standig there at the edge by the cache and looking at the lake below - amazed and the beauty of it - and that people were still riding their quads on it and making words.. lol When we hear a quad at the truck. It was a local girl named Frankie and her friend - they were also the ones writing their names on the lake.. they take off and we start going down and run into them again - this time she ran out of gas. In talking to them they were going ride home across the lake - thought not safe - but not our call - we help them out and then follow them down and at the bottom of the hill - her rear u-joint busted - I think fate was calling another plan of action.

We then headed on back to hang out on our beautiful deck and enjoy that warm sun!

The next day and our "The truck got stuck story" deserves a dedication all on it's own - wait for the cache page for Boulder Cache to read it

From Tulameen - Great Coal Rush Planing

Oh yes - progress.. lol almost forgot - 30 caches and cards placed - 25 to go in total - of which 10 are new caches to place and list. Maybe next weekend - we just submitted 3 of them today and the final event for the weekend!

You will be going some beautiful places!

From Tulamee - Great Coal Rush Planing