Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Adventure

Ok - no pictures as of yet - we do have a few but.. you can imagine this if you close your eyes..

Oh good news the formal website I'm building is taking shape very quickly! - Will be about 2 - 3 weeks before fully functioning - but you can check it out - create an account if you want.. It will enable us to send newsletters & updates to everyone!

so last Sunday we really wanted this cache - Day's Gone By - we got it - and oh the memory.. lol this we will remember for a very long time - now don't do like we did and take your civic down there!

This weekend of caching we managed to turn into our normal adventurous of ending up the next day shaking our heads and tomorrow Mr. Turtle will laugh..

Mostly this story is about a very nice man named Will, why we are glad Tulameen Mosquito's do not carry West Nile and where you should not take a Honda Civic..

You see on Saturday night there was a person camped out at the proper location and we were tired so we opted to grab the cache on the way home Sunday. Now most people shake their head that we take the civic along the rocky River Road - but hey it's a car - a hunk of metal that we try to take care of but dents & scratches - oh well they happen.

So we enjoy a beautiful day on the deck have steak for dinner, a nice glass of wine, watch the birds in the bird feeder and wonder why the Squirrels haven't eaten out of the munch boxes yet - oh well time to go home until next weekend.

We get to the appointed location and walk down to the cache, but alas forgot the clue - so after 15 minutes of looking Mrs Turtle walks back up to the car with Mr. Turtle stating "why don't you bring the car back down, it'll be fine". Now if you recall Mr. Turtle has a tendancy to forget what he saw 2 minutes earlier and what the road looked like.

But Mrs. Turtle got back to the car and instead of doing what her instincts said opted to drive the car down with wondering about the possibility of high centering on the way out..
Oh well trust Mr. Turtle she says..

So down I go and it's fine a few bonks under the car again concerning her but have faith. She gets to the bottom and Mr. Turtle has found the cache.. awesome beautiful.. (and btw we do love the location ) And up they go.. part way.. then try again.. try a third time.. now 30 feet from where the car was parked originally at the top of the hill - they've almost made it!! Mrs. Turtle gets out and pushes it to get it oomph - now 7 feet left to go and the front tire spins.. so Mr. Turtle instructs Mrs. Turtle to sit on the hood..

She does and something seems off - Mr. Turtle revs and no movement.. then she gets off and checks the passanger side and lo & behold the tire is flat..

ok no this does not end here.. so ok pull out the Jack.. put the space saver spare (keep in mind we are pointed at a 45 % angle downhill on a 4 wheel drive road in the civic) on the rear tire - so we can put the full size on the front wheel drive..

We have one issue - not enough clearance, so Mr. Turtle (while Mrs turtle continues to fan the noseums, the mosquitos & every bug that is hungry - of course they have no bug spray, socks or jeans as they were just heading home) away from her frustrated Mr. Turtle - part 2 next

So Mr. Turtle continues to try to change tire, jack it up, it won't stay, find rock dig out hole..try again.. no wait that's not working - is that a car - run out to the road and flag down driver.. no that's an airplane dear they're a little higher..

Well at least you know the berries aren't out so we're save from the bears.. himm bear's - berries - wonder if that's why the call them bearies.. just a curiosity.

Try to find big stick to level vehicle, no try to find flat rock to put jack on - try jack again.. jack bends (this is the silly jack that comes standard for Civics as all of them stay on pavement you know.. ) and the jack is now useless as it will hold nothing - it's next getting a TB tag on it.. he he
So what do we do.. hmm walk, no wait there' s a car - run out to road (Mrs. Turtle) flag down completely camo'd paint job truck and she's thinking she's very happy that Mr. Turtle is there as the Young Old Timer stops and backs up with his prospector self.. yes he has a jack..

So he parks on the side road and helps assess the situation - meanwhile he's got his sluce, 12 inch knive on his belt & can of wildcat in his hand.. HIs name is Will and he will help..

So Will and Mr. Turtle work to jack up the Civic.. get the tire on.. and Will has a toe cable with a shackle to attach to the Civic's tow point.. and well Thank you Will we managed to get out..
Then Will offers us DEET & a beer - we like Will.. and we will be seeing Will next Weekend as we make our way out to 30 KM mark somewhere to find his claim and his 12 foot trailer to repay the debit..

Sometimes those old timers are the best (but he is Mr. Turtles age) - he goes out to his claim for a few months at a time to pan for gold..

He - we can relate to.. :)

The cache is a perfect container, log book is in plastic container - we'll stop by with a sheet to say what caching is next time (but walk down or take the Turtle Tank) - took the Cedar Rose to move on - (there is another option - turning it into a Travel Bug - let us know if you'd like this) and traded the Cherry Chapstick for a Piggy Light..

For others that come after.. Don't drive right down to the cache walk the last 170 meters and please don't leave any scented items or food in the cache.. it is animal territory!
Awesome adventure and Cache #770 will stay in our minds & hearts forever as a true adventure!

Again Thank You Will for being our hero!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stave Lake Cito - June 6, 2009

Stave Lake Cito

My 3rd CITO, and with each one I feel better about my contributions and how much it's needed. Stave Lake is such a beautiful area if you can overlook what is left behind by those that abuse it. The 4 Wheel Drive Association held their 7th Annual Clean up, and we asked Steve if we could "tag along" and bring some extra people and were very grateful that he worked with us on this.

When we viewed the overall final talley's 26 Geoachers (with kids) came to clean up - which pretty much equalled those there through the other groups. In no particular order we had - HotRod2, GoalieGirl38, Ilovevacation, Peppy, High Maintenance, Hell Raisers, Agassiz Angels, Catapult Jeff & Iron Maiden, Grafinator, Best Red, Teskelly & the Curnews join us for the day.

High Maintenance donated the use of her trailer for the day & the Agassiz Angels brought along a trailer as well - which we are very grateful - if it weren't for the trailers we wouldn't have been able to bring out as much as we did. We have no idea how much we gathered - but it was a ton - alltogether 2,540 KG of Trash plus over 1 ton of recycled metal - my best guess is about 3 tons in actually. What topped it off for us were the smiles on those around us while they were cleaning, they weren't there just for the ICON but because they cared about doing the right thing -

A huge thank you to the 4 wheel drive association for all their hard work in doing the organization - in truth we did nothing for this one but put up a page asking people to come.. so we take no credit - A even bigger thank you to those that came out to help & to the BCGA for their donation of prizes!

We will be there again next year - as unfortunately it will be needed. Hopefully we will see more of you out there as well!

From the Four Wheel Drive Association:

On Saturday, June 6 2009, the Four Wheel Drive Association of BritishColumbia hosted the 7th Annual West Stave Lake Cleanup. This year, 65 individuals volunteered their time and through the course of the dayremoved 2,540 kilograms of garbage and x,xxx kilograms of scrap metalfrom the Burma Road area in Mission.The Four Wheel Drive Association would like to thank the followingindividuals and organizations for their generous support in making this event a tremendous success.

* The District of Mission - This event would not be possible without the continuous support of the District of Mission. The West Stave Lake area is contained within the district's Tree Farm License and they are very supportive of the recreational opportunities available within TFL26.

* Wanda Fairbairn and C&C Trucking - Wanda has been instrumental in ensuring that dump trucks have been available to assist in these cleanups for several years.

* Dean Anderson and Davies Sand and Gravel - Lloyd Davies of Davies Sand and Gravel has been supporting the Four Wheel Drive Association for several years by providing the use of a dump truck and driver for the Stave Cleanup. The use of the trucks provided by C&C trucking and Davies Sand and Gravel has been a tremendous time-saver for this event, allowing the volunteers to focus on collecting the garbage and consolidating it in the trucks, and allowing the trucks to make a single run to the dump.

* Mike Salo and Fraser Valley Metal and Electronics Recycling - Mike (representing both the South Coast All Terrainers and Fraser Valley Metal and Electroncs Recycling) provided the use of a metal collection bin for the day.

* T&T Auto Parts -T&T provided a number of prizes, including hand tools and off-road lights, which were given to participants throughout the day.

* Cloverdale Paint - Mission Cloverdale Paint provided two polar fleece jackets as well as a pair of gift certificates for this years event.

* Tim Hortons - A day of cleaning up the environment would not be possible without the extra burst of energy contained in coffee and timbits! Tim Hortons also provided t-shirts, gloves and travel coffee mugs for this year's event.

* Save On Foods - Save On Foods provided the refreshments for the day, including bottled water and soft drinks.

* Lordco Auto Parts - Mission Lordco provided gift cards and prizes for this year's event.

* Canadian Tire - Two participants walked away with beautiful hanging flower baskets from today's event in addition to cleaning up the Stave Lake area, two homes were made more beautiful!

* Mission Adopt-a-block - Mission Adopt-a-block provided the use of garbage pickers and bags for the day. Trust us....picking up some of that garbage by hand was not something we were looking forward to!

Wendy's - All of the kids attending the event were VERY happy to receive free Frosters certificates. A Froster is the perfect refreshment to follow a day of dealing with West Stave debris!!!!!

Johnston Meier Insurance - Day-glo pens can now be found in everyone's glove compartment....because we all know that you can never find a pen pen when you need one!!!!

PLEASE support these businesses and organizations as they havesupported our efforts to clean up a first-rate recreation area!In addition, the Four Wheel Drive Association of BC would like to thank the following organizations and all of the volunteer individuals for their participation in the day's event. It is a tremendous commitment in the busy month of June to spend an entire day cleaningup the mess left by others. Most of the participants in the day'sevent indicated that they did not frequent the Stave Lake area andmany stated that this event was their first visit to the area ? atestament to the dedication that recreation groups have in preserving our natural resources.

  • BC Geocaching Association
  • Coastal Cruisers
  • South Coast All-Terrainers
  • Herd of Turtles
  • Southern BC Xterra Club

Thursday, June 4, 2009

An ending - a begining

Now that the Coal Rush is officially wrapped up, although there are still a few people who need to finish logging their attendance - they'll know where to find it. We will be putting our final wrap up below.. but it's also Spring and a time for new beginnings - The kids have finished another year of school, Another lazy summer approaches full of potential and excitement - new events on the horizon for the future.. but also new life..

We headed up to the cabin last weekend with 2 munch boxes, a bird feeder, a hummingbird feeder and hope in hand. Jordy happily placed them on Friday night in hope that we would have visitors - we got more then what we thought we would.. lol lot's of little yellow birds - I had our good friend High Maintenance look at the video - and they are apparently Evening Grosbeaks - Jordy wants to call them Jordy from StarTrek with their yellow goggles on.. lol

On previous visits we had noticed that Robins were building a next so on Saturday morning I went to go look where it was being built - and lucked out - right under where my Hammock was. This allowed me to watch them from a safe view point, so I snuck the camera down and took some video between the slats - yes a bit hard to focus and not worth putting here.. but it was amazing , they had just hatched and couldn't even hold their necks up yet. Hard to imagine in only 2 weeks they will be ready to fly. We came home and did a lot of reading up on baby Robins, and will miss them the next 2 weeks. But really puts the whole thing we call life in perspective... The simple things are the best.. the amazement of watching a baby crack through the shell of an egg to where it can't hold up it's neck - to flying in 2 weeks.. As humans we get a whole year to learn to walk..

Saturday is the clean up of Stave Lake and it really helps put in perspective of why we take care of nature.. so those baby robin's no matter where they next will surive..
What the Robins looked like

Now for a closing of the Great Coal Rush:

Geocaching and history go hand in hand, so do adventures. 9 months ago the idea of the Great Coal Rush came to mind after adventuring through the area and finding some of the amazing structures. We wanted to share it with our friends, and those who we have not had the opportunity to meet. We felt that everyone should be able to experience the area and be able to understand the importance of it. What better way to do that then with a virtual history tour!
The Mozey-on-inn team brought in the first “history” in a box geocaches through Blakeburn & Coalmont, we thought what an awesome idea. What if we could expand on theirs and add in some extra touches and offer up an open invite to every cacher out there to experience it together? Could it happen? Would it be enjoyed? Well we asked a few people and got a resounding YES! as we headed into the planning stages.

We have an awesome reviewer, who helped us every step of the way, including suggestions on mentioning the event in the forums to start with as it was too early to publish, ensuring the caches got published quickly after submission and offering suggestions on corrections to ensure a cache met the guidelines. Hats off to the huge amount work he does on a volunteer basis for geocaching, without his assistance we couldn’t have managed to get as many caches out there as we did. Thank you Mtn-Man!

From Great Coal Rush

There have been so many write ups, videos, photo galleries, blog entries to date that tell the story of the weekend, along with the logs on the caches themselves. It’s safe to say we received over 1000 e-mail logs since the event occurred, we also happen to know of another cache owner who had all of the event caches on his watch list – so he got those plus his own.

We do appreciate the tributes, the little gifts – however people are forgetting one thing - it isn’t us who made the event happen but you – those who came. If you hadn’t have come we would have had 3,025 envelopes sitting in 55 caches with no purpose, we would have had a whole lot of books with no use, and we wouldn’t have the stories and friendships that we have now. So to all of you we say thank you!

Mr. Turtle got to give the tours of the tram lines, to which those who listened to him I say thank you, it gave my ears a break... lol It also gave him an excuse to go back into the towers a few times over and over during the weekend – His avatar on a few forums is one of those towers.
The Coal Rush was a Love affair, a desire to see the smiles on faces and stories of what they saw to know that people pushed themselves to take those extra steps back up from the hike to Lover’s Leap but not regretting a moment of it, for people to see the beauty of our backyard. The memories that will last a lifetime, there were so many. Many that we don’t even know – now when we sit on our back deck looking at our new turtle, as he glows in the dark, we recall the weekend, the laughs and the smiles.

There are many moments we won’t forget – Watching Graf pull out of the driveway and watching pieces of his car fall off, the TT:911 call that (how do you get cell service in the middle of no where.. lol) where Mr. Turtle went and saw a future TB being made as the Swiss Army Knife cut his way through the log that wasn’t there that morning. Memories of Mr. Turtles sweater being wanted finally, Catapult Jeff helping Mr. Turtle at the last minute stamping franticially on the Ammo Can trophies, Fire Webkinz beating mommy in poker!

Teams competing, but helping at the same time by not making it a competition – the fellowship of it all, truly experiencing the “It’s not about the numbers, but the friends you make along the way”. Watching people team up with others and offering rides because people didn’t have a vehicle. Baja Betty’s tire getting shredded and mom jumping to the rescue to take the tire to Princeton to get the last one!

The marshmallows being roasted around the fire and the shape they were taking, the lack of complaints and quick recoveries over tire injuries. The stories and laughs that came out of the cabin that High Maintenance rented, and knowing that they had made sure there was space for everyone that wanted to join them that weekend and introducing new cachers that loved the weekend.

Mrs. Turbo’s for valiantly helping me at the end when all the cards came in at once and keeping my sanity, and our kitchen & clean up fairies who got everything organized. Savant 9 who made such a huge contribution to the weekend and no one really got to meet him. He donated a GPS, and did the video footage every 30 seconds of the whole weekend .

The support of the entire town of Tulameen and the Community Club for allowing us to place the Rocking Down Town Tulameen cache, the Museum in Princeton, the Princeton Castle, the other cachers for allowing us to use their caches. So many more memories from the weekend too many to tell but we know we’ll hear more as time goes on – the logs are still coming in.

I think one of the things that struck us the most was the ability to get to know people in a way we hadn’t before. Funny how you can have one opinion of people and then when you get to meet them and interact on a personal basis it can be such a turn around point and open your eyes to the true sides of people. For that we are thankful, we made some amazing friends, and got to share the weekend with our great friends already.

The next few months we will be enjoying a bit of peace and quiet, there is a Robin’s nest under the deck and we peaked through the slats and saw 4 baby birds less than 24 hours old (we have a bit of video tape if anyone wants) – they can’t even hold their heads up. And we’ll be getting back to the business of caching once in a while. Plans & research are being done for next year’s – and a logo & website being designed –

A special thank you to Bubba Ganush for putting a Cache that will forever mark the event that truly made it worth going down that road another time..

Again thank you everyone (now go claim your lost and found items we couldn’t have done it without you!

Now to finish picking up the cards and Ammo Boxes - and we get to Cache again!!