Friday, November 20, 2009

East Stave & A Great Weekend Holiday in Hope!

The last week we've finally been feeling up to getting back out into this great back yard of ours and Cache again - It's been a while, but I think life is starting to balance out and return back to life as we know it.

On Wednesday we had the day off and found our way up East Stave in Search of a few caches placed by Geocanuck. We were unable to get to the first one as we hit snow at about 800 meters and couldn't go much further in the Turtle Tank. After our harrowing experiences the weekend before and almost rolling, my sanity isn't quite ready for anything more adventures then a "paved" FSR road right now if there are any cliff's involved.

We started at Kenyon lake and made our way back down, Kenyon lake is beautiful - especially this time of year!

From East Stave

I also got the opportunity to give santa my letter personally.. :)

From East Stave

We then cached our way back down the road stopping at all the little nooks and crannies that there were, luckily if you go far enough up you get past the items (like shot gun shells, fridges) that are left behind by the others. When we go out this way it always saddens us what people leave without thinking of the consequences. We could only clean up 2 bags this time as that was all we had with us. But it is still better then nothing.

Next up was a beautiful little lake below the snow level, knowing the cache owner - we are really shocked he didn't put it on the Island itself that was there.

From East Stave

We kept on caching until dark hit, then it was time to go - but alas one last cache would need to be found - however only the log can truly tell it.. :) It was dark - oh yes that's right we are winter night cachers.. lol here it goes Lost Murdo Creek FSR:Waterfall

The last cache - 5 today - which 4 were FTF's, This was the last stop of the day & daylight had run out about an hour before so we figured we needed to skip the Davis Lake one that we knew had some technical challenges we didn't want to do in the dark for this one which would have been a bit more straight forward.
We headed up the rocky road, glad that we had 4 wheel drive - we got to the 3 way intersection and headed straight instead of left and then had to back down - we got back to the three way and Jordy put the truck in drive forward - however the transfer cases didn't recognize this and was in neutral.. which gave us a bit of a jump.

he then put on the brakes and we waited until it went forward. We got up to the waterfall which was beautiful and stood where we neeed to stand - however it was not clear where it was - we were searching by flashlight with the rain coming down - Jordy looked - I looked then Jordy looked again - he took his Roo hat off as he was bending over to say he had it and in his excitement knocked the hat down into the stream and it quickly got covered in water - luckily it didn't continue down the stream - so he managed in the dark to climb down and get the hat and then climb back up - I signed the cache and he put it back in.
It was a perfect end to an adventure filled day.. :)

Thank you!

A few days later we made our way out to Hope for the Weekend, starting with the BCGA AGM, after that we had the opportunity to really adventure there, which we never have before - so we found a nice little hotel room (with a hot tub) and then went and explored - luckily we found Jeff & Kathy again.

Hope Exploring!

We spent the rest of Saturday night out with them finding the new caches that had been placed for the AGM, helping them find one that was on their "ARGGGHHH" list, and then settled into the hotel for Awesome Ginger Beef, a bottle of wine and some down time - knowing that tomorrow would soon be upon us and we could do what we love - taking the off beaten track.

The first cache of the day was Squeah Lake, it hadn't been found in over a year so Jordy called up Myrko (a local friend) and he joined along for the adventure - and we met Stuart! (a big black furry creature - without a stripe down his back) and were off down the FSR - which we had to wait for a train to pass.

From Hope

The Scenary was beautiful on the way there, and the road offered no challenges whatsoever - Easy to do in the Jeep. There were no Snowmen or Santa's this time - but it was still beautiful!

From Hope

We made our way back down to Hope said Goodbye to Myrko and then headed off towards Teddy2K's new puzzle cache - end of the Road. We had a bit of fun getting to this one intentionally detouring from the main road to see where all those little side roads went to. It was fun - Jordy is just now getting to explore with the new tires and lift in my jeep - so if it's mine then why don't I get to drive it?..

Big Jeep.. he he

From Hope

We then headed back to Hope, filled up on gas and made our way down the beautiful Skagit Valley. We managed to find all the caches we wanted except for 2 (the gates were locked) and we will be back - The photos are in the slide show above - I think it's more the video's that make this trip.. he he - Enjoy and see you all out there again!