Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anacortes - year 3

Last weekend we made our annual trip to Anacortes, and I think that this year gave me more pause in my reflections on life then ever before. I never really realized why the location holds so much importance to me, but in retrospect I realize it is one of the few places that truly holds positive memories for me. From the memories of the ferry right, saving the baby whale, to the bunnies at the Deception pass campground, to the last three trips since we found geocaching. Every memory is a happy one - with no negativity which is rare in my life.

So tonight I sit back with a glass of wine and reflect back on the joys of a life more traveled, and the unconventional roads it has taken me as we look at the caches and adventures we uncovered over a few days.

Spontaneity - Some can't stand it, some can handle it, others of us crave it as if it's a drug. The unknown adventure that awaits us around the corner and inability to understand how one can find exciting the concept of picking paint. We wonder at how one can prize the glow of the "bling" as we would give it all up for the mere chance of creating a memory. A memory that stimulates and leaves you feeling as if a vampire has kissed the nape of your neck. Where every cell in your body quivers with the anticipation of what is around the next corner.

Fortunately or unfortunately I am one of those who lust after what is around the next corner, as for what it is - good, bad or indifferent it is better then anything that continues along a rutted path. Some wonder why I chase after the Tupperware - it's because you never know where it will take you - it's because on any given day I can recount hundreds of adventures that it has created in my life over the past 3 years, it's because I can write & share others adventures & I can see people prove to themselves that they can do something. I get to see people make a difference in others lives, their community & their world - and it's fun!

We arrived into Anacortes on Friday night, checking into the beautiful suite we booked at the Anaco Bay Inn. This trip we were indulging in the Honeymoon Suite, something about a beautiful jetted tub to lie down in after a hard day of hiking while surrounded by eucalyptus, bubbles, candles & a good glass of wine just had that appealing sound to it. Not sure why, but I think others might agree with me. After checking, we made our way downtown to grab a yummy burger & Cesar. Now I must give kudos to the pub for their ceases - pickled green beans, asparagus, onions & olives all part of it. I think I had my equivalent in vegetables for a day with just one! Dinner was delicious and we decided to try the Greek restaurant for Saturday.

We then settled in for the night, all ready for another amazing Anacortes adventure on Saturday! We woke up at 9 and were anxious to get going for breakfast at the Calico Cupboard, then off on our adventure! Since it had been a few weeks since we cached, and this would be "urban" caching we needed to do a warm up first.. lol We headed off to the Cap Sante Cache. The cache itself has had several challenges over the last few years as it's a very high muggle area, but it's the view you go for. Starting your day with a view of all below, Mt Baker in the background - while sipping on a home made hot chocolate with whip cream - what better way can you do it!

If you do decide to visit - we highly recommend that you also make your way down to the Abandoned Amphitheatre as well. We've made mention of it before - but it truly does feel as if you are walking into a scene from Indiana Jones and have stepped back in time to a slower day. Look for the gnomes in the tree roots on your way.

After that we opted to continue down the coast towards Washington Park, there was a new cache that popped up this year that sounded interesting -

Treble Clef. We've walked down this little strip of land before, but never this far. It's about 3/4 of a km down the beach, but well worth it. We found the most delightful little quiet beach that is away from everything! Bring a bottle of wine, blanket and indulge. While we were there over the weekend - we had the most amazing weather, it was warm, sunny & felt so intimate with the sun hitting your face. Almost like sitting across from a person and having them run their fingers across your cheek.

We then continued down the road towards Sharpe's park. We've been to Sharpe's park twice before, and it continues to be one of our favorites. As with all of Anacortes's trails - they are rocky & rooty with a few mild grinds. Nothing major, just make sure your shoes are tied! Over the last year 4 new caches have been placed. Of the new ones A Rocky View is our favorite. The views from the park are amazing, the sheer cliffs, the "naked trees" as I call them - I think they are really Maruba trees - but I like my way better.. lol We saw some amazing sights while here - including a porpoise or two swimming in the distance. I also saw poor Patrick (from spongebob) floating upside down in the ocean - alas there is beauty in destruction.

It was so warm in some areas, yet it almost looks as if the pond at the start of the trail still had ice in a few places - felt like I was experiencing an oxymoron.. lol We spending about an hour and a half walking through the trails signing or "Tupperware" before heading back to our nemeses cache for the last 3 years.

Before we move on I want to stop for a moment on a reflection - we as a society put so much pressure on the "do more", "push further", "you'd be amazing if you just...", and then we spend time "celebrating" things that really truly have no meaning. Do we really need to pad lists of accomplishments to make ourselves feel better? or are we simply trying to make up for the fact that we regret the ability to indulge in those little things that truly bring happiness. How many of us really spend the time doing the things we need to be doing - and instead do the things "we think we need to be doing". How much less could we do without and would we if we truly understood what we could get back in exchange?

But I'm digressing again - to live life with my chipmunks we know I would be happy sharing life with the monks in Tibet, or discussing the theories of Dabrowski and celebrating his poem "Welcome all ye neurotic", wondering if truly the Theories of Positive Disintegration would apply to me.. lol

Where was I - oh yes our nemeses cache! Mr. Erie! You see I seem to have one fear.. and that is standing over a cliff trying to "rock climb" to where I could fall and kill myself (although the cache wouldn't endanger me) but the problem is we can't find the crevice that cache is in! If I knew for sure where it was I would go get it - but I don't. And apparently my fear of personal injury is greater then my caching sense.. lol Jordy tried again - but to no avail. Later Saturday night we sent a note to titelines asking them as they were there recently - but even with their picture we can't figure out where it is. So we are missing something. It will wait.

After our failure there we then got the Woodpecker cache that has been on our list for the last 3 years to grab. Then we head the call of a good glass of wine, Greek food & a bath. We packed it up, headed back to the room for some freshening up and good "grits".. lol If you go - we highly recommend eating at The Greek Islands.. it is to die for - but we also recommend making reservations!

The next day we opted to take life a little easier - Jordy was still not feeling 100% and we did some "car caching". This was a good thing as we found a few places we wouldn't have - first we stopped and grabbed the earth cache at Deception pass. We then made our way down to Doqualla Bay. We saw a father and his daughter playing there - kind of neat - and found an irony. Brewermd had been there right before us - and she is a friend of our sisters who we haven't met yet. One day we will, we made our way back up the island and stopped in at one of the most uniquest beaches we know of - Powell Street Beach - public portion exactly 100 feet wide don't move to the right or left of the paved section.. lol

We then grabbed a few more before meeting my sister back in Bellingham for some great Chili - as well as their amazing pretzels & bread. If you do go to Bellingham - I highly recommend you take in the mouth watering treats they have Ralf's Bavarian Bakery. Then we came home and they listened to my pleas at the border and allowed me back into Canada. I will be so happy when that proof of citizenship shows up.. just because I didn't know I needed more then my US passport to prove Canadian Citizenship.. lol

One last thought before we go. The last 6 months have been very up and down for all that know me - the loss of my brother threw me for a huge loop. In the end I was standing there with everything I knew ripped away from me, all items of comfort no longer existed and I stood before my own judgement day due to the chain of events that followed that. I held my hands open to the skies and watched life as I knew it pass through my fingers left trying to grasp and grab at everything as it slipped through with no way to reach back in time. In the end you can't get it back - and I realized that in the end - so little matters. When you are sitting there and your breaths are numbered what will truly matter? Will what you did matter? no - it will only matter on why you did it, not what you did - such as we can explain Grendel's actions and explain them away - when looked at a certain way his destruction can be justified. In the end we answer only to ourselves - so if that is the case why do we spend so much time trying to get other's approval. Remember - live happily, taste life & we live forever, live for others only and we fade away.

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Eddie said...

As you look back on the past year of your lives, and the past 3 years of your caching lives, I also look back on the past 3 years, and know that in the past 3 years I have made good friends for life with the Turtles.

In this life I know a lot of people, have many acquaintences, have a few friends, but have very few good friends. You folks are in that small circle that I let close to me, deservedly so.

Glad to see you made it to the other side of a tough year....