Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stave Lake CITO 2010

Below the Video you will find my thoughts - but I think it's very important first before you ready my thoughts to watch the video. All credit for the photos go to my fellow cachers & off road enthusiasts.. I took from them what they captured. I usually am always behind the camera - but this time I spent the time watching others to really capture something..

First I have to ask - how are you? I mean really how are we as a people? I spend my life surrounded by companies telling me how green they are, we preach reduce, reuse recycle - but I still feel strongly that many companies only preach what will add to their bottom dollar. If you were to go around asking these big mega corporations that deal in millions of dollars that tote "Go Green Contests" where every contest entry is a paper entry & they are giving away a Car as a prize (yes a hybrid) to stop and donate the cost to cover dump trucks and to help do a clean up in their own back yard, in their community - you know what they will tell you?

They will say sorry, not sure if that fits within our corporate priorites, we'll get back to you. Yet you ask the little guys - like Mike Salo (who has helped year and year again), Lloyd Davies & Keith, Darryl & Glen Weed to help and they jump at the chance very year. They don't run multi-million dollar corporations, they contribute to their communities and put not only the cost up - but also dedicate their time - and time and energy counts for so much more then pure cash. How many people do you know that figure that to give back just "throw some money" - I'd like to see some of the big head honcho's that make disposable items - like shot gun shells get out of their suit's and fancy Mercedes and spend the day squatting 1752 items to pick up the 1952 Shot Gun Shells left by others.

The 4 Wheel Drive Association of BC - their entire board of directors & all their volunteers put so much effort into arranging this & the sponsors that helped out to make it an amazing "fun time" - you have made more of a difference in the world then you will ever know - thank you for that.

I'd also like to take a moment to address those that think that those of us with "big trucks", or "loud trucks" are the ones dumping the stuff in the gully's or ripping up the fields. I've heard it since Jordy's been building the truck - wow you're going to destroy the meadow's with that thing - I know I can't change people's minds - but I wish people would not judge others so quickly. That big truck of ours has hauled more garbage out of sensitive area's then gas we've burned.

I know so many off-roaders that dedicate their time to taking care of the environment and the areas we use, yes there is an ulterior motive - to keep the roads open & to show those in "control" that there are good people out there. But even if that wasn't at stake - I can guarantee that the same people would be out there. And that number is gowing past a small visable minority to a noticble amount - if we take a look at this year's Stave Lake Clean Up - this year we had 91 people there!

That is a record amount, in total 22,000 KG of Garbage and over 4,000 KG of recycled metal (not sure if that included the several burnt out cars or not). People of every age & size were there - it was great to see the familes with the young kids out there - that means we are not only walking the walk - but we are setting an example! Those that came out to clean - well they even resulted in converting a few people that were camping and not "part of it". By leading by example those around us followed, it's a natural "pack" mentality.

That sad thing is it is so hard in this disposable world of "me" to set that example, we all run around trying to fulfill the need to meet all these expectations of the worrld that we all often forget what is truly important. When was the last time that you stopped and turned back time to rewind a memory to the vision that you thought your life would be? I mean really rewind back to the years and years ago to when you were innocent - to when you thought the whole world would do right? Where you did right because well it was right - there was no debate over what was important?

Where life was alive, where you could feel the slightest touch of a hair on your arm, where all the synapses in your brain were clicking & the sky was filled with pink elephants floating in the clouds..

So I ask how are you? How are we?

Where did we as a society go so wrong, to where even if we don't agree - saying nothing is ok as well?

Where did we say yup - it's ok to watch that trailer drive past you filled with TV's, microwave's, garbage bags of dirty diapers - where it's ok to drive by it after it's been dumped and well we don't pick it up because we'll do that another day?

Why is it that those that care also find it so hard to stand up for what they believe in and just tell people they're f* up for doing this when we see it? Why is it when people stand up for things we stand up and tell them they are causing a big comotion for nothing? Wait until you have back up? Don't be the little girl standing up to the 6 foot 4 guy with a shotgun - (I carry a big Aura - it's all good)

Where is our accountability and responsibility as a society? Why is it we as a society don't enforce a community service law for CEO's that make disposable goods?

Perhaps tonight it is my existential depression, of sitting in bed with my 11 year old son the other night who equate pollution and the garbage disposal a bigger issue then War - and that life will be no good when he grows up because people just don't take care of the world - they simply want more and more.

Anyway enough of my "lecturing tonight" - How are you? Are you doing anything different tomorrow? Will you every walk by or drive by garbage without at least thinking of stopping to pick it up?